Made this blog when I’m busied myself with my internship report XD

I made this blog in my cubicle to, yea in the office XD Duh XD I’m such a bad girl hehehe~


*is now thinking why she made a new blog acc*

I’ve blogged at Multiply for years, I first made my MP acc when I was 13 years old, yet you know now MP has been closed both it’s blog and it’s online shop… good thing I have copied all of it’s content to a Blogspot account… TAT I have a Livejournal account too, but I think there’s too many *whispers*uninteresting*whispers* daily journal there and ……tumblr! YEA! My tumblr’s purpose is just for………… FANGIRLING!!!! XDD You will find everything about my interests, J-Rock K-pop Game Anime Dramas blablablah included, there XD

So I think I made this blog for review!!! XDD

I’m not a pretty girl so it will be ‘too much’ for me being a ‘beauty blogger’ but my friends loves to ask me everything about skincare or cosmetics brand… and I love to use uncommon brands that not so many blogger ever reviewed it XD I was sad if I couldn’t find any review about brands that I want to try… so… I don’t wanna make other girls sad too! XD

I hope I will be a good reviewer then, sorry for my bad English, it’s not my native language but I’ll try my best! ^^v


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