[Review] – Baviphat AC Sleeping Pack

Hello :3 This is my first review in this blog hahaha I’m getting excited XD I wrote it 2 weeks ago but just publish it now lol

The first product I will review is Baviphat AC Sleeping Pack :3 I wanted to review my favorite circle lense ever before, but my noona asked about this mask so I decided to write it first. It will be my little gift for her too, happy (belated) birthday Cendy-noona XD

I bought this mask because my skin always gets bad if I go back home! Yes I live apart from my parents yet it seems the town they lived in hates me, my skin always gets uglier there, darker, dull, and acne everywhere TAT *I’m already ugly anw*
Then, I ever heard that sleeping mask is a good choice to fix your skin’s problem, and Baviphat is one of good skincare brands, so, I got this one! It’s one of the Baviphat Fruit Series. I chose this product since it’s name, “AC” is referring to “Acne Control” *CMIIW* and it contains some ingredient that my skin really needs, like brightening up, softening, and making my skin looks glowy. I can’t read Koreans anw :3


First thought when I saw the packaging… DAMN CUTE! It fits my palm and sized like a real apple 😀 It really looked like an apple too :3 It has a paper tag contains it’s contents and blablablah but I teared it off and forget where I did put it, maybe already in my trashbag :p


Then, I opened the lid. Whoa, there’s a second lid with a tiny spoon inside :3 Well the spoon is tiny but the size measured the product perfectly, since I just need one spoonful product to cover my entire face :3 And, always remember to USE THE SPOON! Since it’s a jar, the product will be easily contaminated and you don’t wanna this whole product (remember, one spoonful for an entire face, the product will be last for more than half a year –or even a year– if you use it weekly) ruined just by you poke the product with your fingers right? Just take a proper amount, and if you take too much don’t put it back inside the jar.

HOLY SMELL. This product even smells better than a real apple lol I wanna lick it –no. I’m not a huge fan of apple buuuuuut this one is PURRFECT. Once you covered your face with this, maybe you wanna eat your own face XD But really I love the smell, it’s not too strong I think, but I guess if you’re kind of sensitive, you won’t ever bothered with it since it’s nice *pinched* XD The smell even helps me to sleep better, good for the insomniacs XD Even the scent won’t last till the morning hehe


The texture is so good, it’s consistent, not too liquid-y more gel-y and cover up your face well. It might make your face looks shiny lol XD But it dried so fast, even if you’re not in a room with air conditioner. So you could go to sleep soon without making blotch on your pillow :3 Don’t wash it till morning and don’t forget to wash it in the morning too XD In the morning you might forget about using this product since you won’t feel anything on your face –the product has dried and absorbed well to your skin. Use lukewarm water to wash it.

Therefore, you will be ready to start your day with a supple, more radiant, and refreshed skin X3 Well you need time to see the difference (nothing good comes too fast!) but in your first attempt I bet you will feel your skin so good. Smoother and cleaner, precisely. Your make up will be applicated better and I think you should pamper your face with this product about twice a week for a better result hehe :3

But, me myself think that this product doesn’t fit to it’s name. It’s not an acne controlling product, since I think it doesn’t give me very-good result with my acne… But it reduces the spots. And scars. It rather helps to improve your skin afterall, so your skin will be looked like you have never got acne before. You need another product to heal your acne then remove the spot by this mask ;3



  • IS CHEAP LOL YES I’M A POOR STUDENT *slapped* With about 12-13 USD (in online stores; you may doubled or tripled the price if you buy it in Baviphat official store) you have a sleeping mask for (almost) a whole year since it’s huge! Even if you shared it with your friends or family hehe
  • THE SCENT! Is sooo nice even you’re not a fan of apple. It might help insomniacs sleep well *yea, in my case hehe* and have a good dream. Good way to relieve the stress :3
  • Giving brightening and softening effects even in the first attempt, but temporary.
  • Dries fast even it’s not in an air-conditioned room so don’t worry about blotch on pillows or blanket lol
  • Soothing and improves dull skin, not only healing the acnes
  • Make moisturizer and other skincare products absorbed and make up applicated well in the morning
  • Can reuse the jar since it’s so cute!


  • Misleading name 😐 Not acne controlling, the acne will still pop out. Still need another product to heal your acne, this product is just for reduce the spots and scars.
  • The cute jar itself >__> it’s easily be contaminated so take care of it’s hygiene! Use the spoon wisely
  • Not-so-instant. I think it will give permanent effect in 2-3 months after. Be patient!

Me myself will repurchase it. Or not. Well I will try and buy another sleeping mask of Baviphat Fruit Series (strawberry, I think?) It really helps to improve your dull skin, brightening, softening, make your skin radiant and glowy :3 aaaaandd reduce acne’s scars eventho you need patience and time :DD And need another product to heal your acne first hehe XD 8 of 10, I guess :3



Made this blog when I’m busied myself with my internship report XD

I made this blog in my cubicle to, yea in the office XD Duh XD I’m such a bad girl hehehe~


*is now thinking why she made a new blog acc*

I’ve blogged at Multiply for years, I first made my MP acc when I was 13 years old, yet you know now MP has been closed both it’s blog and it’s online shop… good thing I have copied all of it’s content to a Blogspot account… TAT I have a Livejournal account too, but I think there’s too many *whispers*uninteresting*whispers* daily journal there and ……tumblr! YEA! My tumblr’s purpose is just for………… FANGIRLING!!!! XDD You will find everything about my interests, J-Rock K-pop Game Anime Dramas blablablah included, there XD

So I think I made this blog for review!!! XDD

I’m not a pretty girl so it will be ‘too much’ for me being a ‘beauty blogger’ but my friends loves to ask me everything about skincare or cosmetics brand… and I love to use uncommon brands that not so many blogger ever reviewed it XD I was sad if I couldn’t find any review about brands that I want to try… so… I don’t wanna make other girls sad too! XD

I hope I will be a good reviewer then, sorry for my bad English, it’s not my native language but I’ll try my best! ^^v